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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Fantastic Four plus Two?

One of the RRRGroup contributors sent us an e-mail listing six UFO sightings (but mistakenly noting "seven") that he thinks are....well here's his e-mail opening:

Cash Landrum is part of what I call the Fantastic Seven. Seven specific UFO incidents that are of extreme interest:

1) Roswell
2) Bentwaters/Rendlesham
4) Kecksburg
5) Wanaque
6) Shag Harbor
7) Cash/Landrum

I think these sightings are UFO swill [sic]!

But what do you think?

N.B. Visitors saw that our contributor left off number three so I reworked the posting, as I couldn't get a reply about the missing Number 3.)


NIck Redfern inadvertently abets The Distortion Theory?

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