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Friday, December 23, 2011

Thought made Solid?

Psychologist Robert Crookall, in his paper Practice Astral Projection, presents some "cases" that seem, to me, to be relevant to our discussion here of UFO encounters: Distortion or Mental Aberrations.

Also, this case impacts the Alien Abduction phenomenon, as I read it:


Dr. Crookall provides an encapsulation of "Thought Forms" with this:


There is some pooh-poohing over at UFO Updates about thought creating tangibility.

And I am disinclined to believe that one's thoughts can create matter, but Lucretius, Einstein, Jung, and some Quantumists would allow the possibility it seems, as clinical psychologist Terry L. Pulver notes in his 2004 paper From Inflation to the Ordinary [Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice]:




Wolfgang Pauli

Dr. Pulver graphs the "procedure" by which this happens:


There is much more to consider, and I'll be posting that material upcoming.

My point is to accomodate Jose Antonio Caravaca who is developing his theory of "Distortion" and Bruce Duensing who seems to accept the ideas of Dr. Michael Persinger who feels that the human mind can be and is affected by physical attributes such as electro- magnetic waves, which produce imagery and experiences of the kind that show up in the UFO encounters that Senor Caravaca and I have listed here.

Such esoteric topics as Astral Projection, Cosmic Consciousness, Out of Body experiences and a few others seem germane to the conversation, even though I am hard-pressed to accept them as part and parcel of UFOs and UFO encounters.

But an open-mind is a must when it comes to UFOs, is it not?