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Friday, November 18, 2011

Moon Men on Earth?

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Mysteries of Mind, Space, & Time: The Unexplained [H. S. Stuttman, Inc., Westport, Connecticut, 1991, Volume 1, Page 54/55] used this picture to supplement a story by Mario Luisi of an alleged alien (extraterrestrial) encounter on a November night in 1980 in a Lake District village (otherwise unidentified):

Jose Caravaca provided this picture from an 1898 First Edition (he owns) of AN UNKNOWN WORLD; Two Years in The Moon, by Pierre Selene (pseudonym: A. B├ętolaud de La Drable) and illustrated by Gerlier. [Spanish, Edited in 1896 by Montaner i Simon]:

The images are strikingly similar, and reflect how such representations are either in the universal mind or come from a psychical source whose essence is unknown.

Precognition can be used to explain the coincidental imagery, or elements of the collective unconscious accounts for such similarities in UFO iconography.

Whatever is the derivative for such extraterrestrial depictions, in books, magazines, movies, television shows and other media constructs, the process has not attracted serious research by ufologists (ahem) or persons involved in anthropological or psychological disciplines.

The underlying hypothesis that UFO sightings are primarily psychical in nature skirts the issue of the mental component in UFO events by making the subliminal assumption that psychic phenomena, like the existence of God, lies outside scientific evaluation.

Persons in the Vallee camp throw up their hands and decare, without declaring it, that Fortean phenomena is beyond the ken of human minds, or science, and can only be categorized, not explained or ultimately understood.

While that may be the case, it's a cynical view, one that we eschew.

Everything is grist for human scrutiny, everything...