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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Socorro-like UFO episode in Spain [circa 1930] by Jose Antonio Caravaca

Jose Caravaca

The Story

Rocio Gonzalez, 54 years old, is one of the few people alive, who knows about this event aloud. A story he heard from a very young age and never, by its strangeness, has been able to erase from his mind.

Roció rebuilds the story, with a relative, José Maria Peláez.

(There are some logical gaps in the case - José Maria tells us it happened in the decade of the 1930s, so there are some things that are almost impossible to pinpoint, for example, the exact year in which it occurred, not to mention the month and day.)

To give you a brief idea about the protagonist of the event:

Raimundo, Roció's great uncle, was an introvert, and not talkative or a storyteller.

He spent his days in the Torcal de Antequera (Málaga), fond of solitude and nature, accompanied only by his dog, who always went with him. He was devoted, entirely, to his collection of plants, both medicinal and ornamental or edible which sold in town to buy food.


Raimundo had a family, wife and two children. His wife was well-off economically, as they had a farm and land. But to him, this was not the kind of life he liked, preferring the freedom and the total lack of responsibility.

For years he lived in the field, sleeping in the open, exchanging medicinal plants for food.

Every two weeks or so, he went back to town to sell his plants and visit his family on the way. I lived with my grandmother, María Jesús R., sister of Raimundo. During those visits, that gentleman told my grandmother a story that stuck with me, although I was very young when he told it.

It must have happened in the thirties during one of his usual rounds in Torcal accompanied by only his sheepdog.

Sitting along the roads on a flat mole was an object about two or three meters high, oval in shape, like an egg, white or clear, resting on the floor without any means of support to keep it erect, no feet or landing gear, or anything like that; the egg seemed to float in the air.

Next to the object were several beings of small stature with ovoid heads, gathering plants and other soil samples surrounding the device.


These beings became aware of the presence of Raimundo. Then his whole body was paralyzed, and that of his dog, and also other animals found in the area, such as goats and grazing animals.

This phenomenon lasted as long as these things did their task of collecting samples. The paralysis subsided after they [and their object] rose out of sight.



The UFO Landing in Socorro, New Mexico in 1964, besides being one of the most documented, reliable incidents in the UFO catelog, offers researchers the possibility of evaluating a myriad of technical details of a UFO observed by police officer, Lonnie Zamora .

Detailed analysis of the testimony Officer Zamora, as well as footprints and marks left on the ground, allow us to extract much information from the alleged engineering and mechanics used in the manufacture of the mysterious aircraft Officer Zamora says he witnessed.

Although it may seem otherwise, due to the multitude of cases collected throughout the world, few incidents provide accurate and useful information on the technical characteristics of UFOs.

In the Socorro, landing investigators have enough evidence and factual data to develop a battery of interesting and fascinating technological concepts related to the vision of an unidentified aircraft.

Do not forget that the U.S. authorities failed to determine the source of the object that landed a few meters from Zamora, so that all assumptions including an alien(extraterrestrial) encounter, remained open.

Here are the main technical findings obtained from the study and the story of Zamora Lonnie.

FUSELAGE (camouflage system):

The brilliant "burnishing" which covered the UFO, and possibly the round shape, acted as a "mirror" making the object nearly invisible when it was in the air. Zamora was able to see a blue flame in the sky produced by the ”jet" of the object.


The UFO had 4 landing struts that sought to balance the aircraft, regardless of the terrain. The footprints left on the desert floor left no doubt on this question. The struts left imprints that were geometrically arranged to form a cross of right angles.

According to theoretical calculations, three extensible legs had approximate measures of 3'50 meters, 3'10 meters, and 3 meters, the rear being the smallest with a length of 1.20 meters. What is revealed is the effectiveness of the spreading, unequal length, angle and landing gear. Just as the footprints left by the alleged stairs, two pairs of round marks in the sand, indicate that it was deployed by an automatic device that chose the most comfortable and safest way to facilitate the descent of the crew.


In the bottom of the UFO, Lonnie Zamora noted a jet diameter of 1 meter, rotating on its axis and producing a great noise in their "start up".

The noise resembled an explosion that was heard by the witness on two occasions. During landing and takeoff of aircraft.

The exhaust flame acted as a blowtorch, indicated by the burnt bushes at the landing spot. The burns,according to witnesses, were produced as a "fire knife" as if it was some kind of jet that made the flame reach high temperatures.

PROPULSION UNKNOWN (main propulsion system):

Officer Zamora could not see any outside elements such as turbines nor jet vapor trail, steam or smoke.

The use of lower jets (after detonation in its implementation), seen and heard by Lonnie Zamora in both landing and take-off of the device, may indicate that the main propulsion system of the aircraft was inoperative or inefficient at low altitude, hence, resorting to a more"primitive" and "elementary" propulsion system for the descent and ascent.

The blast produced by the start of the jet, on two occasions, clearly indicated that this source of propulsion and limited alternative was not used when traveling at higher altitudes.

The technical details guarantee Lonnie Zamora’s sighting was real as it is difficult to conceive that the witness could develop as many ideas and technical concepts to invent a simple UFO sighting, in addition to forging a series of tracks, and burn marks on the ground to support such conjecture.

And remember that Officer Zamora saw two smallish beings outside the landed craft he witnessed; two entities dressed in what looked like white coveralls.

Nota Bene: Rich Reynolds edited the material above. Any mistakes therein can be ascribed to him.