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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rhoades flying saucer photo(s)

We've dealt with the William Rhoades UFO photo from July 7th, 1947 at this blog and elsewhere earlier.

Anthony Bragalia has provided commentary on the photo.

Hayden Hewes also evaluated the photos (two) in a UFO Report article [October 1978, Page 40 ff.], from which the image above comes.

There are several elements in the Rhoades story that intrigue...

First there is the date of the photos -- July 7th, 1947 -- the time frame of the Roswell incident. Rhoades took his photo(s) in Phoenix, Arizona where he lived.

Men in Black, allegedly, visited Mr. Rhoades and supposedly warned him about discussing the photos -- that "would be considered and act of espionage" they told him.

Air Force records indicate that the military took the matter seriously, as AF records show [INCIDENT 40, July 7, 1947, 1600 hours, Phoenix, Ariz] Mr. Hewes reports.

An analysis by John A. Clinton, for the Air Force, adjudicated the photos were faked.

But William Spaulding of Ground Saucer Watch disagreed, writing that the Rhoades photos were bona fide, showing a large object (30/35 feet in diameter), about 4000 feet from Rhoade's [box] camera. The object had a light source, not a hole in the middle as some saw it, and appeared manufactured, with venting holes on the back side.

Kenneth Arnold reportedly said, "On June 24th when I made my observation of the nine flying disks, the second one from the bottom looked just exactly like the piture that [a Captain Davidson] drew [for Arnold of the Rhoades craft].

The photos were taken from him by two members of the intelligence community Rhoades said, and they were never returned or found, Rhoades attempting a lawsuit to retrieve them, which was never brought to fruition.

The Rhoades story and photos fascinate some visitors and contributors here, and I can see why; The date of the photography, the men in black, the contrary evaluations of authenticity, the Arnold insinuation, and Rhoades credibility among other elements in this old episode.

More to come?


Kenneth Arnold and Nude UFOnauts

This item appeared in the January 1978 issue of UFO Report magazine [Page 13] in a piece by Jerome Clark.

Does anyone have more information about Kenneth Arnold's pursuit of this strange episode?