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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Navy, Georgia, 1947, and Roswell?

This photo appeared in True Flying Saucers & UFOs Quarterly, Number 4, Winter 1977, Page 74.

The inscription reads -- you can read it yourself by clicking HERE and then clicking on the image (to enlarge) if it remains unreadable:

When a rash of baffling "flying discs" flooded the Georgia skies in 1947, the Navy came up with a possible answer to the spectacle, saying the "discs" were probably so-called "raywinds", [sic] tenfoil [sic, again] covered devices borne aloft by balloons to to measure high wind velocities. [Italics mine]

The questions that come to mind are these:

What does the Navy have to do with "flying discs"? (I've always maintained that the Navy is the fount where UFO buffs can find more pertinent information than from the Air Force.)

What was the flap in Georgia in 1947?

Did it have anything to with Roswell?

And why does this balloon array look like the Mogul array?

What's your take, if you have one?


Ghosts, not UFOs!

Two books about ghosts and other strange ghost-related phenomena were sent my way, and I dutifully reviewed them.

The reviews are adrift from UFOs but some visitors here might like to read about the books, which I, who is not a ghost-chaser by any means, found interesting, to say the least.

Click HERE to access my review(s) at The Explicator.

Thanks for indulging me...