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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Morphing/Shape-shifting UFOs or “Nuts and Bolts” machines



Anthony Bragalia, and I, as is our wont, are having a small debate about the nature -- the essence -- of UFOs.

He thinks they are morphing/shape-shifting vehicles of some kind.




Here is his view, for example, about the Wanaque UFOs:

The more people that I have talked with or have had email dialog with who were there - the more I am convinced that it was 'unearthly.' The morphing metal and morphing UFO aspect of my research - and the description/s of the UFO at Wanaque as changing from globular to even cigar shape - that is also...weird

And his total view:

UFOs are beyond merely “extraterrestrial.” If such vehicles do bring beings here to Earth, these vehicles much be at once physical and paraphysical. Though comprised of material elements, they must in some way be capable of “changing state” so that they can traverse the cosmos. The true meaning of “ET” is “extra-temporal.” They are beyond time- or certainly a single star. They transcend and manipulate the very space between two places by warping time to their great advantage. They must do so to travel such great distances.

Yet, at their very essence- these remain physical beings in physical craft.

If galactic flight exists, matter must not be immutable. If the alien is coming here, the “alien” must be able to in some way “morph” the matter of which their vehicles are comprised. This allows the “physicality” of the vehicle to modify itself to the rigors of the bending of space and of time.

The material must be “intelligently adaptable” - a “smart material” which can change as the Universe that it traverses changes, in order that it might get here. Shape memory materials that are “future-engineered” would serve an essential purpose. After having been “changed up” by molecular and energetic morphing to traverse the galactic distances- they would then have to “return” to their original “solid” and tangible state. They would have to “remember” themselves in the material world.

-Anthony Bragalia

I, however, think UFOs – the flying saucer kind – are material, tangible objects, of a bolts and nuts kind.



Sure, some UFOs are amorphous and seemingly change structural configuration, and have for many years, if witness accounts are accurate.

And UFOs seem to have “evolved” of late into something less tangible than they were once seen as.

Some UFO mavens think UFOs may be living entities.

Click here to read Rob Morphy’s take for Mysterious Universe on that.

But, for me, the flying saucer sobriquet is the one I’m stuck with, mentally, and it represents what I’ve seen and what brought me to the phenomenon in the first place.

Tony’s view is adumbrated, I think, by his research into the malleable metal hints for the alleged Roswell debris. (He has accumulated evidence that is more than circumstantial about such metal and its connection to the 1947 Roswell incident. I remain skeptical about Roswell and the debris story, but I have to admit that Tony has found and raised some intriguing issues that don’t allow me to dismiss the Roswell debris angle out-of-hand.)

The bulk of UFO reports, over the years, indicate, to me, that something hard-constructed has been seen, and sometimes landed or interacted with people.

(Today that isn’t happening, and the reason why eludes. However, I’m apparently stuck back in the 50s, when flying saucers were extant and “real.”)

What’s your take, if you have one?