UFO Conjectures

Friday, October 17, 2008

UFOs just don’t matter [Redux]


In the vast scheme of things, UFOs and/or flying saucers don’t count. That’s an absolute fact of life.

UFOs don’t affect the economy, your family’s practical existence, your kids’ college tuition, anyone with cancer or any other possibly fatal disease, wars, poverty, political considerations – UFOs don’t affect anything.

Those absorbed by the phenomenon – as we continue to note – are merely escaping into a false reality that is meaningless in our mundane or real reality.

Sure, UFOs have a place in the paranormal sphere or esoteric environment that enthuses those who like curiosities and weird things generally.

But as an artifactual or anomaly that impacts life, UFOs just don’t cut it.

Pursuing the phenomenon is futile, and insane, unless a person doesn’t have anything better to do, which is the case with some long-time “ufologists” – who shall remain nameless this time around (but you all know who we mean).

UFOs have never altered everyday life for the population as a whole, and has rarely affected those who’ve seen something described as a UFO, that is those who didn’t try to capitalize on their experience.

(Those who’ve milked their UFO experience have almost always come to ruination.)

Normal persons who’ve had a UFO experience or sighting have always resumed their everyday life, with only an occasional nod to that thing they saw in the sky.

UFO cases are intriguing, but don’t matter, philosophically, theologically, militarily, or in any other way.

They are curios in a panoply of curios that have intruded upon humans since time immemorial, but that’s all they are – curios.

We, like you, find the phenomenon interesting but it doesn’t cause us to mismanage our lives as it has to many in the UFO community.

Yes, UFOs are real, and flying saucers have landed; even extraterrestrials have debarked from them.

But have those UFO incidents changed the world’s momentum one iota? No.

That doesn’t mean that those interested in such esoterica should abandon their curious perusal of the UFO phenomenon (or phenomena).

It just means that a more judicious and sensible scrutiny should be in place for so-called ufologists, and UFOs should be given a lesser role when one’s priorities are established.

This would go a long way to eliminating the foolish factor that now inundates the UFO reality – a reality that should be subliminal more than overt.

But reasonable persons already know this, right?