UFO Conjectures

Monday, August 18, 2008

What does the Bigfoot farce tells us about UFOs?


That certain people will go pretty far for temporary fame and/or money.

The flying saucer sightings of 1947 forward brought out the charlatans, publicity seekers, and nuts, en masse.

For some reason – as yet to be really explained – UFOs have a propensity to let loose, in the land, a bevy of wackos who see the phenomenon as grist for some kind of inglorious activity, activity hat is self-aggrandizing or just plain crazy.

This is the case with the Georgia Bigfoot “find.”

That sasquatch insanity, by media and the curious, could act as a template for the UFO nonsense that surfaced years ago and still is intact and alive in a pervasively select UFO community.

Frauds, hoaxes, and other deceptions are rife in UFO circles: photos are faked, sightings are made-up, and (some) abduction scenarios are contrived.


The Roswell incident is a maelstrom of concoctions – some by the United States military and many by Roswell inhabitants who have been afflicted by a kind of mass hysteria.

[Google the 1634 Loudon affair for a Roswell precursor.]

George Adamski, and currently, Bill Meier, are two exemplars of charlatanism who capitalized on the flying saucer mystery, and Meier continues to bilk many UFO aficionados.


“Betty Andreason” is an alleged abductee who has created a case study that the Georgia Bigfoot finders mimic in a way.

Television and the internet have brought all kinds of mentally disturbed people and grifters out of the woodwork and closets.

The sasquatch/yeti contingent hasn’t been as vocal or silly as the UFO crowd, until now.

But it’s the UFO community where the most deranged people participate.

There’s something about UFOs that brings out the worst in humanity, or discombobulates human beings.

Is it the phenomenon itself that brings on the socio-psychological disruptions, creating the mental and ethical quirks that predominate in UFO-land?


Or are UFOs merely a catalyst for the seamier side of society or human behavior?

And if UFOs bring out the worst in some people, why is this so?

Why would those Bigfoot guys be so blatantly obvious in their chicanery?


And how do they typify what is generally the way it is in the UFO panoply?

This is where psychiatry can lend a hand, and social anthropologists can assist.

Reaseach into the minds of UFO sighters and especially abductees could go a long way in solving the UFO enigma, since it is mostly made up of imaginary events….mostly.