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Monday, July 28, 2008

Kevin Randle's Secret UFO Committee


Ufologist Kevin Randle thinks there’s a secret United State’s government committee in place that holds the secrets about UFOs:


MJ-12 may or not be that committee – many ufologists think that the Majic group and the MJ-12 documents are bogus.

Stanton Friedman does not think that.

Kevin Randle is agnostic.

But Mr. Randle does believe that a UFO committee is in situ and has been for some time, since 1947 perhaps, or no later than the early 1950s.

Mr. Randle, as you can see from his latest blog entry (click above), thinks that ufologists should seek out that committee.

It’s not UFOs that Mr. Randle wants to investigate, but that possible clandestine committee and the secrets it holds.

This is interesting….

Instead of unraveling the UFO enigma, Randle and some of his supporters (he has many) believe that once a sub rosa UFO group is unmasked, all the information it has will be forthcoming.

This is patent nonsense.

If there is a secret Unites States UFO group investigating, and has been for some time, the UFO phenomenon (or phenomena), would a smoking gun proof of that group’s existence bring about revelations held in abeyance for 60 years or so now?

The search for a secret committee is some kind of red-herring or distraction that cannot bring about a solution to the UFO riddle.

This is part of the Roswell syndrome: if ufologists can just get the military to open up about the “real Roswell truth” (that aliens crashed there in 1947), the flying saucer matter will finally be answered and ufologists can get on with heir lives.

(Of course, ufologists don’t want the UFO mystery solved; what would they do with their lives if that happened?)

Why is Mr. Randle calling for ufologists to be sidetracked by a scavenger hunt for some possible secret, government UFO group?

We, too, think that there’s a sublimate group in the U.S. government and/or military – the Navy for certain -- investigating UFOs. But we can’t imagine how proving that the committee exists will further or finalize the UFO mystery.

Will the committee throw up its hands and say, “You’ve got us, so here’s what we know about UFOs”?

We think that’s silly as hell.

No committee of government, or anyone other group or individual will yell out the Perry Mason denouement: We’re guilty! Here’s the goods.

Mr. Randle is a die-hard believer that Roswell can be decoded if someone can get their hands on all that the government gathered during that incident.

Now he thinks that cracking the whereabouts and whoabouts of a (maybe) secret UFO study group or investigation committee will provide a final answer to a conundrum that eludes everyone outside that secret group.

It’s crazy, and we’re wondering why a man as brilliant as Kevin Randle offers such a bizarre suggestion…..