UFO Conjectures

Friday, June 27, 2008

Where’s the UFO tipping point?


Or have we already missed it.

A conglomerate of data or sightings – in flying saucer argot, a flap – with just one sighting of an inordinate kind (as Cullan Hudson notes) needs to take place in order for a momentous change to occur in the study or understanding of UFOs, flying saucers.

This hasn’t happened recently and probably will not, since UFO sightings of a bona fide kind are on the wane.

But was a tipping point missed in years past? We think it may have been, several times in fact.

1947 was a year of many flying saucer reports; the period 1951/1952 also.


But no one was prepared, in the early years of the modern UFO era, to understand the import of all the sightings that were taking place, and no one selected that one case which was the clue or tipping point that could explain the flying saucer phenomenon.

Everyone was flummoxed, including the United States Air Force, as evidenced by the failure(s) of Blue Book.

Could any kind of conclusions from previous tipping points be made today? Probably not, since the previous tipping points have been thoroughly scrutinized, although much after the fact.

Some ufologists will contend that other tipping points occurred, and they did. They will also say that current sightings [2007/2008] are high. They are not.

But current UFO sightings are vaporous, and without the attendant manifestations of previous sightings and episodes.

Those manifestations included radar trackings, up-close witness accounts, and an intuitive feeling by the public, media, and militaries that something important, even profound, was happening.


Some ufologists might take an archeological stab at previous tipping points, or they might look at them forensically, but most of the peripheral data will have been lost.

And that one unique sighting that was a tipping point or the tipping point will continue to remain lost in the UFO detritus that has accumulated over the years.

Opportunities upcoming, as improbable as they may be, should not be missed however.

Preparations for future tipping points, even just one tipping point, need to be in place.

This is where the UFO new-guard can do service, in the cause of explaining or removing the UFO mystery from the unknown category to the known category.

But it will take a real intellectual effort, and there are only a few persons in the present UFO community, or on the fringe of it, who might be able to pull that off.

Let’s hope for the best….