UFO Conjectures

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Major Human Events and UFOs


While some UFO aficionados think a few Biblical accounts are UFO-related, and some Hindu proponents do likewise with accounts in Vedic literature, the major events that have turned the tide of human affairs have nothing to with UFOs – nothing whatsoever.


The advances of Darius, Alexander, some Egyptian pharaohs, and the Roman Legions are recorded without UFO intrusions.


(The apocryphal stories of Alexander’s UFO sightings, even if true, add nothing to the history of the B.C. Persian conquests.)

The Middle Ages wars, famines, and diseases are also without UFO incidents.

The Normal Conquests, the Renaissance political machinations, the explorer era (including Columbus’ “discovery” of America – and his supposed UFO sighting), the Spanish decimation of Middle and South American cultures had no UFO episodes that impacted the peoples affected.


The Napoleonic Wars, the British colonizations of Africa, et cetera, the French and American Revolutions report no UFO (or anomalous) sightings of aerial things.

The American Civil War, the Bolshevik take over of Russia, the First World War, the Second World War (minus the minor flap of “foo fighters”), and the Holocaust provide no meaningful UFO stories, if any at all.


Mao’s usurpation of China, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraqi wars, the genocides in Cambodia and Africa, the assassination of JFK, the Moon flights, and other modern human events have not been altered or affected by UFO sightings at all.


There is not even an indication that UFOs or flying saucers have had a psychological impact on humankind, or even individuals who’ve seen them or think they’ve been abducted by UFO creatures.

(The few accounts of bizarre repercussions for some UFO observers cannot be definitively attributed to their sightings.)

This goes to the heart of our contention that UFOs have been and are relatively benign and without import for human civilization and evolution.

Ufologists who are absorbed by the UFO phenomena should rethink their priorities.