UFO Conjectures

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No internecine UFOs?


If the diversity of UFOs indicates a multiple alien or extraterrestrial presence here, why is there no apparent conflict between the visiting races?

There are too many different UFO configurations and humanoid-like pilots to allow that one culture is represented by the phenomenon, unless the culture mimics Earth, and doesn’t actually come from afar but, rather, is an intrusion from our past or future.

And if the phenomenon represents an Earthian origin (past or future), wouldn’t the phenomenon’s inhabitants be as confrontational amongst each other as countries here have been and still are?


One might suggest that the few alleged flying saucer crashes reported over the years (Roswell among them) were the result of “warfare” between the saucers, rather than a technical malfunction or bizarre accident.

But no current reports show a confrontational demeanor by UFOs.

That wasn’t the case years ago, it seems, as the Nuremberg UFO “battle” of 1561 indicated.


Did one alien race conquer all the rest, or has there been a peace treaty worked out since the conflicts of 1947?

Or are UFOs merely a phenomenon reflecting the idiosyncratic projections of humankind as Jung and a few others have suggested?