UFO Conjectures

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sensationalizing UFOs


The public, and especially the UFO rabble, seek out and pay attention to UFO sightings that reek of vibrant details which make the phenomenon even more bizarre than it is in essence.

And blogs or web-sites that inculcate sensational aspects of sightings, sometimes enhancing those aspects, go a long way to removing UFOs as a phenomenon worthy of scientific or thoughtful scrutiny.

Thus there is an underground UFO community that goes about studying UFOs without all the hoopla and babble the phenomenon has generated over the years and continues to create, exacerbated by easily created public forums and internet access for the great unwashed masses who thrive on vivid or imaginative UFO accounts.

Those underground studies of UFOs are accessible to only a few UFO aficionados, but there are a few non-underground UFO blogs and web-sites that remain viable as hypothetical fonts for getting to the truth or meaning of the UFO mystery.

No, we’re not talking about those UFO blogs and web-sites that are social networks for the UFO lonely or sexist purveyors of barely clad women.

We’re talking about blogs such as Stuart Miller’s new


or Bruce Duensing’s


Both Miller and Duensing attack the UFO phenomenon with open minds and creative rumination about it.

Fortunately they remain at the public level of UFO discourse.

But for those who wish to study UFOs quietly, without all the hubbub that the phenomenon engenders then we suggest they try to gain access to the undergound UFO community, where bonhomie and true UFO analysis is taking place.