UFO Conjectures

Monday, October 08, 2007

Shriveling UFOs


Without some kind of dynamic evidence, the UFO phenomenon is doomed to die, if only because media, government agencies, and the public cannot sustain interest in such an evanescent presence.

Yes, UFOs have appeared and continue to appear in the skies but without some kind of specific tangibility, all persons, except UFO fanatics, will, psychologically, place the phenomenon on a mental backburner, maybe even dismissing the subject matter altogether, which is already beginning to happen.

Just as interest in the Loch Ness monster has diminished significantly of late, and the sasquatch, bigfoot, yeti search concerns only a few die-hard creature buffs, UFOs are, too, on the wane as a source of interest to the military constructs of the world, media (generally), and the public (en masse).

People can’t or won’t maintain interest or concern for any phenomenon or activity that doesn’t provide some kind of return – mentally, emotionally, physically, monetarily, et cetera.

Those in the UFO community, hanging by their fingernails on the cliff of their life-long and unrealized dream of a UFO denouement are fading fast, many in old age and at the edge of death or senility.

It’s too late for those mavens to alter their lives or avocational careers so they’ll persist in trying to rally support -- any kind of support – for their now perverse hobby.

But support is not forthcoming and will not be forthcoming, as 60 years of a non-return on investment in the UFO mystery has turned sane persons to other concerns.

Yet an entrenched few – those called ufologists – will stay the course. What else can they do? They are in debt up to their ears in the phenomenon.

But those who owe nothing to the phenomenon will, if they haven’t already, depart.

The phenomenon doesn’t care; it has been indifferent to mankind since time immemorial. (And those abductee accounts don’t matter; they re elements of a bizarre psychological malady.)

So, where can one who is mildly interested in UFOs go from here? They can pursue the sociological or psychological aspects of UFO sightings. That area of study is fecund with insight to the human condition – the human mental condition, which has been and is in a sorry state, since the Garden of Eden.

(We deal with human insanity in another venue.)