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Friday, September 21, 2007

Where are the UFO "gods"?


Ufologists and their minions like to suggest that UFOs and flying disks have been among human-kind since time immemorial, intervening in human affairs, as recounted in the Hebrew Bible, surviving Sumerian stone tablets, the Indian epics (of the sub-continent and those of native North American Indians), some “literary” remnants of the Olmec, Mayan, Incan, Aztec cultures, the Polynesian sagas, and evidenced by the Easter Island statues, several African tribal legends, along with multiple references in ancient mythologies (Greek, Chinese, Japanese, British, et cetera).


But where in modern civilization are those interventions?

Sure, UFOs have been and are (apparently) all over the place. But why are they not intervening today, as in Africa, where genocide is taking place, and flooding is wiping out whole villages at the time of this posting?


Where are the god and his angels who once helped the Hebrews/Israel?

Why doesn’t Allah or Yahweh appear to the tribes fighting in the Middle East, as once happened on a regular basis, according to Biblical scholars and the “UFOs as Alien Gods” believers?

Or do the flying objects of the modern era (1947 forward) carry a whole different batch of aliens – cold, aloof, indifferent?


Did the UFO gods of old die off? Or become bored with humanity?

Are the current UFO “gods” or alien presence the diabolical offshoot that UFO abductees implicate in their experiences?


Or do UFOs have nothing to do with humanity, then and now?

Something or someone(s) intervened in the human condition, maybe even creating it, but that something or someone(s) are not the same thing as that manifested by the UFO phenomenon.


The UFO phenomenon is a psychological aberration as much as it is an observable phenomenon.

And the aberration has not been helpful or misfortunate for humans, as was the case several thousand years ago when interveners destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, or gave visual sustenance to Constantine.


The gods of old were a totally different breed from the beings that supposedly pilot the UFOs seen in the skies during the past 60 or 70 years. And both remain elusive.



A reasoned and/or reasonable colloquy between science and the pseudo-science of ufology does not exist and cannot exist, because both sides in the issue are entrenched in their particular orthodoxies.

Scientists are infused with mathematical constructs, that are about as real as UFOs, and ufologists are suffused with amorphous evidence that is difficult to explain.


Moreover, theologians are not helpful, since they attribute the early visitations to a hierarchical God (Yahweh or Jehovah, or even Allah) and science eschews that possibility, while ufologists spin the theological position into an alien presence that was mistaken for gods.


Tying the old gods to galactic visitors doesn’t mesh with what UFOs present today: a non-interactive intrusion that is, so far, meaningless, while the gods of old at least had an agenda that seemed obvious, albeit bizarre in its own way.

So the gods that visited early man – in dreams, fantasy, or actually – and the UFO aliens – predictably evanescent – are, on the face of it, not one and the same.

And the sooner that ufologists disabuse themselves of the notion that UFOs and once-upon-a-time angels, fairies, and wee people are the same thing(s), in kind, the sooner that the UFO mystery might be resolved.


But we’re not holding our collective breaths...