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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are UFOs Inter-Dimensional or Time Travelers? Nope!


Michio Kaku, in his book, Parallel Worlds [Doubleday, NY, 2005, Page 20] writes that civilizations trillions [sic] of years ahead of us could possibly find ways to leave their dying universe, via worm holes or black holes – time warps, and travel to other younger or warmer universes.


(Kaku’s context is our dying Universe, which is a bit in the future: trillions upon trillions of years from now.)

If civilizations require many trillions of years to develop the methods that allow the kind of travel Kaku postulates, the UFOs seen by humankind for thousands of years don’t fit an evolutionary time-line that trillions of years represents.

That is, UFOs observed and photographed (real UFOs, and there are some) do not portray advanced designs, as we’ve noted elsewhere here.


Interstellar cultures or civilizations from other universes that have evolved – and Darwin’s theory applies, as he noted himself – to the point where they can maneuver between universes or galactic distances consisting of incalculable light-years would certainly have vehicles much more refined than what UFO observers have witnessed: chariots of fire, cigar-shaped craft, dirigible-like airships, crude flying saucers, delta-wings, et cetera.


So one can rule out the Kaku beings as the progenitors or occupants of UFOs.

But what about time-travelers, from our not-too-distant future or antedeluvial past?

The designs sported by the elusive UFOs do not provide evidence or encouragement that they come from Earth’s future.

They (the designs) are too prosaic and time-oriented to Earth’s historical time-lines, meaning that UFOs are steeped in aerodynamics that mimic pretty much what the aerodynamics of the time when they’ve appeared; that is, UFOs looked like balloon ships during a time when airships were under design or prominent by standards of the day, or UFOs looked like rocketships and circular craft when both were being considered by aircraft designers extant.


Even if Vimanas (from the Hindu books of faith) were real, they didn’t present a vision from Earth’s far future, but what if they indicated something from Earth’s pre-geologic past?


That’s a possibility; a remote one, but a possibility nonetheless.

However, the occupants of those aircrafts from an original creation on this Earth, which somehow disappeared, don’t fit the evolutionary patterns or fossil records that exist.

UFOs from the past would have had to be designed by peoples who had reason to seek out time-travel, because the Earth was about to regenerate or they had a curiosity that belies the evolutionary time period that would allow such advanced thinking.

(Evolution from the Earth’s creation to life forming doesn’t allow a previous advanced civilization to arise before it would have been destroyed by a cataclysmic event that began the evolution we’re part of.)

For some reason or another, UFOs from other universes or parallel worlds (dimensions) doesn’t work, if Michio Kaku’s estimations are correct.

UFOs from intergalactic worlds is also problematic, but workable as an hypothesis if black holes or worm holes are considered. But the advanced design conundrum remains.


UFOs from time – future or past – also do not resonate for the reasons cited.

So what are we left with? The continuing mystery of the phenomenon, which isn’t being seriously addressed by anyone in the so-called UFO community, despite protestations to the contrary.