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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The 1967 Stefan Michalak-Falcon Lake UFO Episode


Again, a primary UFO sighting, according to some ufologists, was the May 20th, 1967 incident at Falcon Lake in Manitoba, Canada, recounted by Stefan Michalak.

For an excellent analysis of the event, by bona fide ufologist Chris Rutkowski, go to this site:


As usual there are discrepancies and reportorial mysteries in the affair, as is always the case with UFO stories.

Rutkowski believes the incident to be genuine, and Michalak, whom Rutkowski knew personally, to be an honest man.

Something happened at Falcon Lake, and that something happened to Stefan Michalak, but was the occurrence a real UFO event?

We draw your attention to some of the things that don’t add up:

Michalak’s citation of the area where he encountered the UFO, after not locating it for investigators initially (adequately explained by Rutkowski we think), did not allow for an object of the size described by Michalak to arrive or depart as he indicated without some damage to the flora of the site.

Michalak did try to capitalize, unsuccessfully as it turned out, on the incident.

Michalak’s denial of drinking before (or during) the event is disputed.

And the burns suffered by Michalak, on his upper torso, as pictured here….


supposedly coming from a grating system on the UFO, in the form of a blast, show specific markings, not a diffuse burning that would occur if, indeed, a spewing forth of chemicals or anything else would have emanated as indicated by Michalak.

Moreover, the burns would have been greater, cause more visible damage, to the upper part of Michalak’s chest if the blast came from a grate on the UFO in the location that Michalak drew. (See illustration above.)

Michalak fell upon or bumped up against something hot; he wasn’t burned by a blast of toxic substances, from a vehicle hovering above him.

Like the Trents, and most other UFO witnesses, the accounts and the evidence always have elements that preclude a clear designation of what really happened.

The truth of UFO accounts, everyone of them, is marred by such glitches.

This is why we scoff at UFO accounts, but have to admit that UFO sightings occur; the evidence is overwhelming.

But it’s the nature of UFOs that remain unexplained, and accounts, like that of Stefan Michalak, at Falcon Lake, in 1967, don’t help decipher the UFO mystery.