UFO Conjectures

Monday, March 26, 2007

God, UFOs, and Stanton Friedman


Allegedly God intervened on behalf of the Hebrew peoples when they were freed by the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses, as recounted in Exodus of The Old Testament.

But that’s been about it.

God didn’t prevent further pogroms, and wasn’t visible during their attempted obliteration by Hitler.

And what about the various indigenous Indians of the Americas who were massacred by Spanish conquistadors and colonial settlers?

Where was God then?

But what about UFOs? Where were they, and where are they during assaults on humankind?

Even if one discounts early historical references to strange aircraft in the skies over Earth, one can’t avoid the anecdotal accounts of UFOs during recent wars (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, et cetera) nor their supposed presence during the devastation of peoples by marauding armies (as in China during the Mao years) or Darfur (today).

UFOs, like God, do not intervene in catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes, and the like) and UFOs do not attempt to save people in dire circumstances.

They do appear innocuously and sporadically but for no apparent reason and to no human avail.

And what does this have to do with Stanton Friedman? Well, Mr. Friedman is the archetypal extraterrestrial ufologist: he believes UFOs are visitors from other worlds, with purposes unknown (thus far) by human beings.

Mr. Friedman, like the Hebrews after Exodus and the Darfurians now, hopes that UFOs will save mankind from itself we’re guessing, or UFOs will provide an epiphany of some kind for Earthlings.

But that hope is what went by the wayside for the Mongolians and Tibetans as they were being slaughtered by their Chinese neighbors, as it has for many peoples of the World who have been subjected to cruelties and horrific inhumanities in the modern era, when UFOs are said to actually exist, by way of the evidence, as cited by Mr. Friedman (and others).

And UFOs, if one accepts their ubiquitous presence from 1947 to today, have not, affected and, it seems, will not affect, a behavior that might alleviate human suffering.

What does that say about the essence of the mystery, the UFO agenda or motivation for being here, or appearing here?

God is gone or dead (according to Nietzsche and Richard Elliott Friedman – no relation to Stanton – in The Hidden Face of God).

And UFOs? They are as moribund as God, for all practical purposes.

Stanton Friedman? Alive and well, but not about to have a UFO revelation we’re sorry to tell him.