UFO Conjectures

Monday, January 15, 2007

No wonder science eschews UFOs


The O’Hare hysteria continues apace. And a look at various UFO blogs and web-sites, such as UFO Updates, shows just how ignorant the UFO community is, generally.

Persons are still conjecturing about the O’Hare sighting, and rhetorical questions are rampant.

Real UFO experts, like Stanton Friedman (who is a “flying saucer/extraterrestrial believer but circumspect and judicious), Kevin Randle, and Jerome (Jerry) Clark, are inappropriately shunned by science and scientists because of their proximity to the manic fanatics who haunt UFO internet sites or have one of their own.

Debates about anything are grist for discussion but a scrutiny of the debates (especially at Virtually Strange’s UFO Update site) provides a clue as to why science can’t abide the UFO phenomenon: the mavens of ufology border on the insane.

A guy named Martin Shough persists in providing pedantic weather information about the cloud cover at O’Hare on November 7th, when a UFO was purportedly spotted.

A fellow named Greg Boone insists he’s a media person with ample media connections and has insider information about the O’Hare vision that he or his media buddies will be imparting very soon.

Other quidnuncs continue to add their two cents worth (and that’s all it’s worth) while a rational discussion waits in the wings for the real UFO investigators to get hold of the matter.

Again, the UFO phenomenon, or a sighting (bona fide perhaps), is besmirched by the attention-needing madness of a few persons on the fringe of the UFO mystery who continue to destroy the viability of UFOs for scientific examination.

What sensible person would enter the UFO snake pit that these buffoons have created and maintain with the help of place like UFO Updates where the wheat and the chaff are co-mingled to the point that no one really knows what’s what.

Science will never approach UFOs, never. And everyone with half a brain knows why not.