UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why no ufologist has ever seen a UFO


Yes, even some of the Iconoclasts have seen unidentified aerial phenomena, as have some ufologists.

One Iconoclast has also seen a formation of UFOs. No ufologist has had a similar experience.

But no ufologist, Iconoclast, or UFO maven has seen a nuts and bolts flying disk.

The general public has purportedly seen UFOs, flying saucers and disks, and/or aerial phenomena that befuddled them.

Yet, no ufologist – even those who’ve begged the gods – has seen anything that they can, unreservedly, say was a UFO or something more.

Why is this so?

The phenomenon, as we conjecture, is quantum in nature. And subject to the laws of quantum mechanics.

UFOs exist or do not exist, until they are observed (measured), using the analogous hypothesis of Schrodinger’s cat.

Eugene Wigner states the problem: The consciousness of the observer makes the difference. When we become conscious of something, we bring about the crucial collapse of the wave function so that the perplexing mixed states of life and death [existence] disappear.

Thus, UFOs, brought into existence by observation, are subject to the whims of the observer’s consciousness.

Ufologists are predilected to see UFOs but won’t, or can’t. The phenomenon won’t allow it. (See Jacques Vallee’s ruminations about UFOs for one possible reason why this is so.)

The mind-set of ufologists forces the phenomenon into a state of non-existence; in reality and forever (as we’ve stated here previously).

Once uflogists give up their quest (which even some who’ve assumed the mantle of ufologist are calling for – now asking to use the term “unidentified aerial phenomena”), UFOs will reassert their existence, but in a different format, as they’ve done since their first observations: as symbols in the sky, airships of the early 1900s, flying disks after 1947, and UFOs thereafter.

Ufologists are their own worst enemies, with internecine squabbling, egotistical needs which have supplanted proper research and investigation, and outright prevarication (for various mundane reasons).

The phenomenon is truly dead, in practical terms and theoretically. All because ufologists have never been able to experience them.