UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UFOs are quantum


The UFO phenomenon represents macro-quantum, which seems antithetical to the general theoretical reality of quantum, which is microcosmic in nature and essence.

Bu this is exactly why UFOs remain elusive, scientifically and otherwise: the phenomenon has been examined as conditioned by the reality of general physical laws when it should have been and should be examined as if it is a manifestation of quantum reality, with the applicable theories of quantum mechanics applied.

Schrodinger’s cat – the idea that quantum artifacts can either be “alive” or “dead” depending upon the moment and circumstance of observation – can be used as a theoretical construct when it comes to the observation of a UFO, past or present.

Bell’s theorem explains the elusive nature of quantum – and UFOs, if one accepts the premise that UFOs are quantum:


Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle also applies:


The maxim that events (quantum events) are altered by their observation (measurement) also applies.

When a quantum element (particle) is observed (scientifically “measured”) it is changed by that measurement.

In non-quantum reality, observed events are also distorted or affected by their observation.

For example, take a video camera into a room of people and the actions of those people will become quite different than they would be if no camera were present.

The exact behavior can’t be determined, just as an observation of quantum artifacts can’t be determined, as in Schrodinger’s dead cat analogy or as theorized by Heisenberg.

UFOs are the missing link between Newton’s (and Einstein’s to some extent) physics and the quantum “reality” of Bohr, Heisenberg, et al.

UFOs, which we posit elsewhere here, are moribund, maybe even extinct, but a study of the phenomenon, with the discipline of quantum mechanics could forge a renascence of the things, even going so far as to defining that reality which eludes physicists consumed by dead-end theories like string or unified field.

Yes, UFOs may be dead, like Schrodinger’s cat, but a new observation may revive them.

Unfortunately, those interested in UFOs, the mavens of the mystery, are not adept and the kind of reasoning needed to take the phenomenon from anecdotal reality to a physical reality.

And scientists are loath to get mixed up with UFOs and the scatterbrained people who champion the phenomenon.

So, where can one go with all this now? That’s also an uncertainty….