UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Extinction of UFOs


As predicted, by those familiar with the phenomenon of UFOs, the “objects” have all but disappeared, from visual sightings, radar, and the public psyche.

Yes, some unknown aerial stimuli still appear sporadically but nothing of a tangible, scientifically measurable nature.

The so-called “flying saucers” (or UFOs as the modern myth has euphemistically been named) are now only accessible by archeologists of the arcane: ufologists who can only dredge up past “events” and ruminate about them endlessly.

The strange appearing artifacts of legend and actual observation are no more. They are, for all practical and real purposes, extinct.

Of course, a study of the phenomenon’s historical antecedents are grist for those who have invested much time (and money) in them, or for those who have delusions of resolving the once debatable mystery.

But for those who prefer the real realities that confront mankind, the UFO enigma is a non-starter, or a non-continuer.